Taper Week 3
Saturday, June 5th:  Last relatively long run, 27 miles, Michigan Bluff to Last Chance and Back. About 6 hours.
Sunday, June 6th:  Off
Monday, June 7th:  90 minutes, fast, up and down Between the Lakes hill at Lake.
Tuesday, June 8th:  90 minutes, up and down Between the Lakes hill wtih 8 25 second strides after 60 minutes. 1 hr Sauna at 150. 20 minutes bike.  60+ minutes strengh training.
Wednesday, June 9th: 60 minutes, 40 min of it at LT 7% incline 6.7 pace - tredmill with heavy clothing for heat.  40 minutes of core.
Thursday, June 10th: 77 minutes -track (4 x 1000m @ 4:03.  Could have done more but felt a small twinge on calf, so didn't push it).  20 minutes bike.  1 hour strength training. 1 hr Sauna at 150.
Friday, June 11th: Off

Taper Week 2 (penultimate week):
Saturday, June 12th: 90 minutes, downhill/uphill - short hill.  Hard.
Sundaty, June 13th: 120 minutes on Soda Springs Road.  Fast run.  Ran all hills.  Felt great. 2 hour at gym.  1 hour Sauna between 170- 180 degrees. 20 minutes stationary bike.
Monday, June 14th: Off - 90 minutes Sauna 160-180.
Tuesday, June 15th: 60 minutes at Track 1000m x 5 times under 4 minutes with 3 minutes rest in between.  30 minutes Core at Gym. 20 minutes stationary bike. 90 Minutes Sauna
Wednesday, June 16th:  60 minutes with 20 at LT (6.7 pace at 7% incline). 90 Minutes Sauna.  No Strength Traning (I injured my back yesterday, so I'm trying to recover).
Thursday, June 17th: Off.  120 minutes Sauna (2 x 60 minute sessions). 30 Minutes of Massage torture on my piriformis.
Friday, June 18th: 60 minutes. 15 minutes warm-up, 30 minutes increasing spead to Marathon Pace last 10 minutes.  15 minutes cool-down. 20 minutes of stretching. 105 Minutes Sauna.

Taper Week 1 (last week):
Saturday, June 19th:  60 minutes easy. 100 minutes in Sauna. Stretching.
Sunday, June 20th:  Off. 30 minutes stretching.  100 minutes in Sauna. Stretching.
Monday, June 21st:  30 minutes, millde 10 fast. 100 minutes in Sauna. 90 min Massage.  Stretching
Tuesday, June 22nd  30 minutes. 8 minutes at Marathon Pace. No Sauna. 90 min Massage. Stretching.
Wednesday, June 23rd - Off. 60 min Massage (piriformis). Mostly Bagels and Salmon diet.
Thursday, June 24th - Off. 90 min Massage (easy). Low residue diet.
Friday, June 25th - Off. Liquid diet.
Saturday, June 26th - Race Day

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  1. Good luck with the taper. Glad you're posting some instructions for the crew so I/we have some idea of what the heck to do :) Looking forward to seeing you soon! Lori