Bake at 160-180 F at 7000 feet for 90 to 120 minutes or until tender

I think it's a good thing that I'm by myself here in Soda Springs, California.

The house I rented at 7,000 feet of altitude has a dry sauna.  This allows me to get altitude and heat acclimated all in one shot. But now that I am also working on repairing my injured piriformis (a muscle in the buttocks), the arrangement is becoming even more efficient (and, to me, comical).

I figured it would be quite efficient if I used the 90 to 120 minutes of baking time in the sauna (at 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit) to massage my piriformis with a hard tennis ball.  The process goes something like this:

As the entire weight of my body begins to roll perfectly balanced on a small tennis ball strategically placed right under the painful knot of my piriformis, the screams become inevitable . After about 30 minutes of sweating profusely from the heat and the pain (don't know from which one more), I place my buttock under freezing cold water (I guess it must come straight from the snow melt) and proceed, once again, to scream from the cold.

I repeat the process two or three times until I am fully baked or have a very tender ass.

If my wife were here, she would throw me out of the house!

Preparing the Chamber of Torture

In the Chamber of Torture after 1 hr


  1. quiero ver foto del musculo despues de la terapia

  2. congratulations! I understand you beat your goal.