Final Crew Instructions

For pictures of all the supplies and crew day instructions

Video of Crew Instructions: General, Duncan, Robison Flats

Video of Crew Instructions: Dusty Corners, Michigan Bluff, Bath Road

Video of Crew Instructions: Foresthill, Rucky Chucky, Hwy 49

Dear Crew,

Thanks for coming to WS to crew for me.  You'll play critical role in getting me to the finish line.  I'll run hard as my thank you but prepare yourselves to have an unforgettable experience as well.

All the preparations below assume that things are going reasonably well for me but, despite all my training, on 100 miles over very rugged terrain... anything can happen. Things could go terribly wrong from a fall, muscle injury, electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, heat, exhaustion, or a combination of these.  Adapt and improvise but, above all, get me to the finish line no matter what.

I already have a Bronze Buckle for finishing in 27 hours. I'm going for a Silver Buckle with an under 24 hour finish. It will be that or bust (i.e. much closer to 30 because I will have blown up somewhere in the trail).

All the instructions might be intimidating but don't worry.  Once you get here and see how everything is organized, you'll feel totally confident about your role.

Thanks again, the instructions follow:

1. Read the WS Participant Guide

2. Take care of yourselves during the race. It's a long race. Make sure you have plenty to drink and eat. A good supermarket to stop at is Raley's at the exit off I-80 towards Foresthill. Raley's is on Lincoln Way which is perpendicular to Auburn Ravine Road and Foresthill Road. It gets hot during the day and cold at night. Plan clothing appropriately. You may want to have a backpack for your stuff. I'll have portable chairs for all of you as well as headlamps and flashlights. Each car will have a cooler that you can use to keep cold water, snacks, etc. The hotels are in Auburn and not too far from the aid stations from mile 55 on.

3. Crew captains will have two bags. One with ice to keep drinks cold, sponges, etc. One for the rest of my gear. Make sure you have plenty of ice. Leave the cooler with extra ice in the car and only transport the bags to the aid stations.

4. Don't add ice to Gatorade (I don't need to dilute the sugar), just make sure it's very cold by having it on melting ice. Fill bottles all the way to the top (the entire contents of the Gatorade bottle should fit in). Please keep the GU's cold as well (but not frozen).

5. If more than one of you is at the aid station, one person should meet me right before the official aid station (towards the trail leading into that aid station) to grab my bottles and stuff and point me towards my stop immediately after the official aid station. Don't linger within the official aid station itself (except at Foresthill). Do not go further than 100 yards or so from the aid station.

6. I will supply everything I may need during the race. Everything is labeled - no way you'll get confused. Aside from needing to purchase ice during the day of the race, you'll have everything I need. But nobody is there to take care of you, so please figure out your food/drink needs. There is a dinner (Sierra Grill) at the Foresthill Exit off I-80. The dinner is across from Starbuck and next to KFC on Lincoln Way. Raley's supermarket is in that vicinity as well. There is a subway at the town Foresthill and a small supermarket before you get to Foresthill. At Michigan Bluff, they'll be selling burgers, hot dogs, sodas, etc. right at the aid staion. There is nothing towards Robinson Flat, Duncan Canyon, Dusty Corner or during the night aid stations, so please plan accordingly.

7. When giving me stuff at the Aid Station, ask me if I have any garbage to give you or if I need more TP (each aid station will have a new TP kit and don't worry, I will not give you the used one). Try to spread out all my stuff on the floor so I can spot if I need anything else. (Don't spread out the stuff inside the first aid kit or blister kit… just put the bags out).

8. Unless I change my shoes or something is going terribly wrong, swapping bottles and stuff should not take more than 3-5 seconds.

9. Don’t wash my water bottles or hydration bladder with anything other than plain water.  Don't remove the bladder fromt he Hydration pack.  Fill it up while it is in the pack and roll the top tightly so it doesn't leak.

10. If I am overheating, try to cool me down quickly. Wring a cold wet sponge or towel on the back of my neck, dunk my headgear in the ice and give it back, place some ziplock bags (also provided for you) with ice under my underarms. The volunteers are desirous of helping, so I may given them my head gear to dunk in cold water.

10. Get me out of the station as soon as you can, even if I want to linger. Push me out.

11. I will try to be around a 24 hour pace for the Duncan Canyon, Robinson Flat, and Dusty Corner Aid Stations, but it's difficult to predict, particularly with the amount of snow this year. You'll just need to arrive there early and wait. You should estimate my time of arrival at each subsequent aid station based on my times as I pass the previous aid stations. There is a list at Michigan Bluff and Foresthill that shows when runners have gone through what aid stations. Based on this, and on the table of 24/30 hour time splits, you'll be able to more or less tell where I am. But I may be much earlier if I am feeling well or much later if I am sucking wind. Sorry, 99% of your time will be spent waiting. Enjoy the race by watching and cheering all the runners. Most runners (except the front runners) are there competing against themselves and the time clock and not against the other runners (on the contrary, we want all runners to get to the finish line). Cheer everyone on!  I don't have the predicted splits for the stations before Duncan Canyon yet (as the course has been changed).

12. At the aid station. First take stuff away from me (garbage, bottles, etc), then give me stuff.

13. Quitting is not an option. Help me get to the finish line no matter what or come see me at the nearest hospital.

Mile 0 - 5am start. Squaw Valley.
Those who want to enjoy the excitement of the start should attend but prepare yourselves for a very long day. Plan on 45 minute drive from house at Soda Springs to Start. Take I-80 East (towards Reno), Exit 185, 89 South. Right at end of ramp. Continue on 89 South. Right on Squaw Valley Road. Depart house no later than 4:00 am. Jose Eduardo needs to leave immediately after start of race to Duncan Canyon (though you'll wait there for a long time). Mauricio and Lori should leave immediately to Robinson Flat so they don't have to hike too much (if you get there early enough, you get to park all the way to the top, close to aid station). Someone needs to take back my night bag to house (I'm staying at starting line the night before the race).

Mile 24 - Duncan Canyon - Crew Captain: Jose Eduardo
Most important:
1. Give me two hand bottles with very cold Gatorade.
2. If I am dehydrated, I will drink a third cold Gatorade right there.  Have it ready as this is the first thing I would do.
3. Give me contents of Bag.

I will give you my hydration pack.
I will not change shoes at this aid station.
Have blister bags and first aid kit available.
Ask me if I need TP
Dunk my head gear in ice cold water (unless I have asked an aid station volunteer to do so).
Ask me if I want to keep the IT bands and knee bands that I'll have in hydration pack.
Tell me how far behind (or ahead) I am of 24 hour pace.
Drive Back to Dusty Corners

Mile 30 - Robinson Flats - Crew Captains: Mauricio and Lori
Most important
1. Give me two hand bottles with very cold Gatorade.
2. Give me contents of Bag (note that 2 GU's go into bottle pouches).
3. If dehydrated (if my weight is down at this aid station), I will drink a third Gatorade bottle right there.  Have it ready

I will not change shoes at this aid station.
Take from me my bottles prior to aid station (Mauricio should be towards the trail before the aid station and should tell me where Lori is past the official aid station. It will take me a few seconds for the medical check at the official aid station before I get to Lori).
Once I get to where Lori is:
Ask me for my heart monitor and heart monitor watch. I will not need it past Robinson Flats. (I may not even wear this from Squaw).
Dunk my head gear in cold water (unless I have asked an aid station volunteer to do so).
Have blister bags and first aid kit available.
Ask me if I need more TP
Tell me how far behind (or ahead) I am of 24 hour pace.
Get me out of there, don't let me linger.
Drive Back to Foresthill and meet others to go to Michigan Bluff - good place to watch the race unfold. Assist Joseph at Michigan Bluff if necessary.

Mile 38 - Dusty Corners - Crew Captain: Jose Eduardo
Most important:
1. Give me back my Hydration pack with bladder full of ice cold water.  Ok to put some ice in bladder.
2. I may want one cold Gatorade to drink there - have it ready.
3. Put in the Hydration pack pouches the contents of the Bag.

Have blister bags and first aid kit available.
Might or might not change shoes, socks, etc here depending on snow. Spread everything out so I can see it all and change quickly.
Take from me my bottles and garbage.
Dunk my head gear in cold water (unless I have asked an aid station volunteer to do so).
Tell me how far behind (or ahead) I am of 24 hour pace.
Drive to Foreshill and meet others to go to Michigan Bluff.

Mile 56 - Michigan Bluff - Crew Captain: Joseph
Most important:
1. Give me 2 hand held bottles with cold Gatorade
2. If I am dehydrated, I will drink a third Gatorade bottle there, have it ready.
3. Give me contents of Bag
4. Joseph to Run/Walk with me to the entrance of the trail

Have blister bags / first aid available, but unlikely to do anything until Foresthill.
Dunk my head gear in cold water (unless I have asked an aid station volunteer to do so).
Tell me how far behind (or ahead) I am of 24 hour pace.
Ask me if there is anything in particular I will need at Foresthill (Gatorade, Water with Propel, or Heed in bottles; change of shoes, etc)
If I don't feel well, I'll take my blood and give you two test cartridges to take to medical tent there for testing.  You'll relay the results to me back in Foresthill.
Drive immediately to Foresthill - don't waste time

Mile 60.6 Bottom of Bath Road
Joe meets me at the bottom of Bath Road with one hand-held bottle with ice cold Gatorade, one salt tablet and 1/2 caffeine tablet. I give him my empty bottles. Runs ahead of me (after pushing me to the top) to relay instructions to Trish at Foresthill if necessary and let her know I am about to arrive (Joe to ask me if I want water with propel or Gatorade in my bottles). Jose Eduardo picks me up at the top of Bath Road. This is the only aid station where pacer can enter aid station prior to runner.

Mile 61 Top of Bath Road
Jose Eduardo meets me to run to Foresthill and onto California Street if he wants to.

Mile 62 - Foresthill - Crew Captain: Trish
Most Important:
1. Give me Hydration Pack with 2.5 liters of ice cold water and 5 Heeds (shake well)
2. Hydration Pack will be preloaded with everything else I need.
3. Give me one (if late) or two bottles (if plenty of light) with either Gatorade or Water with Propel (ask me at Michigan what I will want or Joe will relay information when he meets me at Bath Road). If it's late I can only take one bottle because I will need to use the other hand for the flashlight. I'll "donate" the bottles to the aid stations along the way (so don't expect them back at Rucky Chucky).
4. Depending on time, put headlamp either on hydration pack's small back pouch or you'll help me secure headlamp to head and just put battery in the small back pouch.

Possible change of shirt (see if I need new bandaids for nipples).
Possible change of shoes, socks, etc
Possible repair of blisters... have blister bags and first aid kit available.
Possible need for big and small roller and tennis ball.
Ask me for garbage and check my pockets (3). All my pockets should be empty (except for Rosary and Contact Lenses) as Hydration pack has everything I will need.
If late, remove my visor too, but leave head cover.
Spray legs and clothes with mosquito repellent - but not face.
Give Blister Bags and First Aid kit to Ramiro. (Replace anything I've used from the other kits that Jose Eduardo and Mauricio/Lori will have.  Put in First Aid kit the Knee and IT band from Foresthill bag if not used).
Ramiro/Daniel Depart to next two aid stations. Others can follow if they like hiking.

Mile 78 - Rucky Chucky Far Side - Crew Captain: Ramiro
Crossing will be by boat because of high water level.  When runner arrives to the other side of river, they usually relay that information to this aid station.  So you should know when I am about to arrive.
Most important:
1. Swap Hydration pack.
2. Reconnect battery to headlamp.
3. You should have pre-loaded (except for water so it doesn't get hot) the Hydration pack that I gave to Jose Eduardo at Duncan.  Do this at Foresthill and put the cold water before you hike down to Rucky Chucky.  It should have 2.5 liters of  ice cold water with 5 Heed (shake well).   The pack will also have new flashlight, new battery for headlamp, and everything else from the Bag.
4. Give me one handheld bottle with either Gatorade or Propel. Ask me what I want and prepare it right there and follow me up the trail to give it to me if necessary. If I don't answer, just give me cold water with one propel in the bottle (have it pre-loaded with cold water).

Possible change of shoes, socks, etc.
No need for a chair for me, there are chairs at Rucky Chucky.
Possible blister repair
Possible warmer shell needed (strap behind hydration pack).
Remove my head visor if I still have it (but not the head cover).
I will likely be very tired, desperate, etc by now. Encourage me. Get me out of there.
Hike up the hill with Daniel and drive to Hwy 49 Crossing (at Hwy 49 parking lot, you'll need to pay $10 to park - it's self payment method - see what others are doing).

Mile 93 - Highway 49 Crossing - Crew Captain: Daniel
($10 in bag to pay for self-registration parking).
Most important:
1. Load hydration bladder with 1.25 liters of cold water. Ask me before I enter aid station if I want 2 Propel or 2 Heed  in bladder. Shake well. Or if I want 2 Cold Gatorades (dump water, load Gatorade).
2. Fresh batteries on flash light. Test flash light.
3. Reconnect new battery for headlamp.
4. Put contents of ziplock into hydration pack and empty everything else (except stuff in back pocket).

Go to finish from here (or to No-Hands Bridge and watch from there or to Robie Point and Run/Walk from there to finish).

No Hands Bridge and/or Robie Point
Go there for fun if you want to, but prepare to hike quickly with me from Robie Pt (if I am still strong) to finish line.

Mile 100.2 - Auburn, Placer High School Track: All
Be prepared to cross finish line with me! You will have helped me get there.

Be prepared to pass along Hand Bottles, Hydration Packs, First Aid Kit and Blister Kits or supplement as necessary after Michigan Bluff.

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