Two Personal Bests

Two personal bests: 8 hours 48 minutes (37 out of 234 starters) at the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Mile Race in Castro Valley, California on October 10, 2009 (my friend Eric Vaughan says that my faster finish at the much easier JFK 50 Miler doesn't count as a personal best for a 50 mile trail run) and 3 hours 19 minutes (3,078 out of 44,000 starters) at the NY City Marathon on November 1st.

Also ran the crazy Mountain Madness 50K race in Ringwood, NJ the week after Firetrails 50M and ran the challenging and extremely well organized Mount Masochist 50++M race in Lynchburg, VA 6 days after the NYC Marathon.

Suffered the most at Mount Masochist, as I had two injuries from the NYC marathon and a cold; pushed through nonetheless and finished in 11 hours +.

Frankly, I'm fairly amazed that I can run strong, back-to-back ultras on consecutive weekends at this stage of my training. I hope I can stay healthy so I can dial it up a notch in the coming months.

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